Site Audit

Health and Safety audits and inspections

RSS offer a Health and Safety, Environmental and or a Fire Compliance Audit that provides an assessment safety management and control systems in your workplace.

For ease of reading, the workplace will be split up into bite size areas and will be examined to see how effective the health and safety system is at controlling risks within the given legislation framework.

Audits to ensure your business have practical measures in place

  • Safety – Premises, equipment and machinery, fire, electrical, workplace transport, driving at work, Work At Height.
  • Health – Display Screen Equipment, Manual Handling, Noise, Vibration, Hazardous Substances
  • Welfare & First Aid – First Aid Facilities, Sanitary Conveniences, Washing Facilities, Seating, Facilities for Rest and Eating Meals.
  • Public Risks – General risks to members of the public and visitors to your business
  • Health & Safety Systems & Documentation – Procedures for reporting accidents, first aid, Health & Safety policy, training, risk assessments, safe systems of work, maintenance procedures, monitoring, control of contractors, personal attitudes to health and safety.
  • Environment – Waste on premises, preparing to go green, environmental policy
  • Fire – Full site audit, mapping, recommending the correct fire media, fire media checks and emergency evacuation testing.